The name Marmēro comes from the greek word μαρμαίρω which means to sparkle.

Tinos, where the idea of Marmēro was born, is a Cycladic island known for its vibrant green marble (μάρμαρο), which in the summer glimmers under the bright Greek sun.

It is a symbol for receiving and giving back, for absorbing and sharing our light with the world.


Marmēro Retreats emerged from the combined vision of Niki Theodoridi and Ioanna Zarmpala to craft meaningful experiences with a contemporary approach to wellbeing. Marmēro seeks out magical places in Greece where people can come together in a quest for tranquility, creative growth and harmonious balance.

Every retreat thoughtfully considers local culture and heritage to create in-space immersive experiences into the plethora of Greek traditions and hospitality.

"Our philosophy stems from our naturally curious minds, wishing to explore our creativity and passions in a shared multi-sensory journey. Marmēro’s creative and yoga retreats cultivate both culture and nature in a search for spirituality and creative exchange, inviting you to experience life in a mindful way. At the core of our vision lies the essence of home. New yet familiar, exciting yet welcoming, a safe space to reflect, slow down, give and receive."

Every moment at Marmēro is specifically curated to enhance a sense of stillness and bring you in touch with nature. The perfect imperfection of the local scenery - blinding sun, caressing wind, renewing waters - takes you in, a hostage to its simplicity, offering space for reflection and inspiration.

Here people will meet, share experiences, challenge their yoga practice and commit to their better self. Grounded and liberated at the same time, at peace in a home away from home amidst the olive trees.


We believe in doing our share of work to make this world a better place and are committed to making meaningful actions. We are mindful of our water consumption and kindly ask our guests to do the same. 

Everything in our seasonal menu is of Greek origin. In every retreat you will find dishes well-rooted in tradition by local cooks with the aromas of hand-gathered herbs shining through them. In an effort to minimise our footprint we are serving only vegetarian and vegan dishes.


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