Autumn Awakening


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This September, Marmēro Retreats invites you to a magical journey on the Cycladic island of Tinos to discover celebrated local traditions in wine-making and marble craftsmanship.

There is an element of hidden beauty in autumn life at the island. A much awaited soft breeze welcomes you, a remedy after the harsh summer heat. Nature is breathing again and so are we. Grape harvesting has just ended and the local winegrower’s enjoy their newfound rest.

Together we will visit some of the island’s beautiful wineries. At night we will embrace local wine and learn its history from people who have been lovingly growing it for years. During a curated food & wine pairing by one of the best wine connoisseurs we will taste a selection of Tinian wines and local gastronomy.

At day we will explore the island’s rich tradition in marble craftsmanship in between studio visits and museum tours. Tinos, where the idea of Marmēro was born, is a Cycladic island known for its vibrant green marble (μάρμαρο), which in the summer glimmers under the bright Greek sun.

On this 3-day adventure we will immerse ourselves in the traditions of the island and experience its unique traits and beauty.


Participants will be housed in a magical villa complex at the island of Tinos offering breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands.

The place, an amalgam of subtle luxury and traditional charm, is the ultimate peaceful spot to relax and unwind. Warmer days take advantage of the impressive outdoor spaces and private infinity pool. On colder days we spend our afternoons by the warm fireplace sharing stories and reading books.

Other facilities include a protected and tranquil yoga shala, and private parking.

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There is movement in the house. It's that beautiful, soft time before dinner. Newly made friends join each other around the dinner table. Laughs echoe on the traditional stone walls, reaching the kitchen. The house is infused with invigorating aromas of traditional dishes, hand-gathered herbs shining through them.

Everything in our seasonal menu is of Greek origin. In every retreat you will find dishes well-rooted in tradition, lovingly made by local cooks. In an effort to minimise our footprint we are serving only vegetarian dishes.

Your days at Marmēro

FRIDAY 22.09
Arrivals between 11 am - 12 pm
On Friday we will get together and visit one of the island's most picturesque winery. We will explore what makes the Tinian landscape unique and learn more about its rich tradition in winemaking. We will end our day at one of Tinos most loved tavernas in a traditional village.

Our day begins with a wholesome brunch bringing us together before we enjoy some free time to relax and unwind.
Our adventure into marble craftsmanship will begin with a visit to the beautiful village of Pyrgos. There we will learn the history of the craft and visit one of the few remaining workshops of the village. The owners -a father and two sons- will take us through an inspiring journey on marble.
After some relaxation time at home, we will welcome one of the best wine connoisseurs for a food & wine pairing that will walk us through Tinos' current wine production along a farm-to-table dinner by a local chef. Over wine and dishes well-rooted in tradition we will gather around the dining table, exchanging stories and laughs.

SUNDAY 24.09
On Sunday we will be given a private tour at one of Tinos' best vieyards, set up in a historical place offering an impressive view of the island. We will breath in thyme, observe the irregularities of the landscape and walk around the vines.
Departures between 12 pm - 2 pm

Rates & Rooms

Rosemary double room (private room & bathroom, Main house)
Shared: 700€ per person
Single: 900€ per person

Lavender double room (private room & bathroom, Main house)
Shared: 700€ per person
Single: 900€ per person

Sage twin room (private room & bathroom, Main house)
Shared: 750€ per person
Single: 900€ per person

Thyme twin room (private room & bathroom, Main house)
Shared: 750€ per person
Single: 900€ per person

Eucalyptus guest house (private lodging)
Shared: 800€ per person
Single: 1.000€ per person

Olive stone house (private lodging)
Shared: 900€ per person
Single: 1.100€ per person

Lemon stone house (private lodging)
Shared: From 900€ per person
Single: From 1.100€ per person

A 300€ deposit is required  secure your spot. Before booking please read carefully our Terms & Conditions.

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What’s included 

∙ 2 night accommodation at Marmēro
∙ Wine tasting
∙ Food & Wine pairing
∙ Craftsmanship workshop
∙ Cultural tour
∙ Brunch, nutritious snacks and dinner prepared by an experienced Greek cook
∙ Daily housekeeping 
∙ A Marmēro gift to take home
∙ Meal at a local taverna
∙ Transfer from/to the port of Tinos on arrival and departure
∙ Transfer during organised group activities

What’s not included

∙ Travel to/from Tinos (airplane and/or ferry tickets)
∙ Massage and other wellness treatments (available on request)
∙ Drinks & extras
∙ Custom experiences (ie. cooking class)
∙ Travel insurance

About Tinos

Tinos is small Cycladic island with a rich history and cultural heritage. Enchanting yet still unknown to many travellers, the island preserves its unspoiled architecture and nature.

The Cycladic rocky landscape keeps you grounded and reminds you of the simple beauties of life, while Aegean winds bring you the aromas of thyme, oregano and other greek herbs.

Deep blue and bright white form an endless unity in colour which instantly calms and relaxes.

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How to get here

Tinos island can be reached via ferry from Athens or Mykonos, where the closest international airport is located.

Travelling from Athens: Tinos is connected to Athens’ two main ports, Piraeus and Rafina. The ride can last from 2 to 5 hours depending to the preferred ferry or port.

Travelling from Mykonos: Tinos is only 30 minutes away.

Your Hosts

Niki Theodoridi and Ioanna Zarmpala are the founders of Marmēro Retreats. On a chilly autumn day at the island of Tinos they decided to shape their love for local heritage, yoga and creative exchange into shared multi-sensory experiences that would create meaningful moments. Having both worked in the cultural sector in Greece and abroad, they unite an artistic background with a yearning for the unexpected and a quest for creative and spiritual growth. 

what they've said about us

"I was lovingly invited to explore the tranquility and the beauty of my surroundings; my heart felt right at home and as the days progressed I experienced a softening that I can only describe as grounding and healing. Niki and Ioanna took great care of every little detail with an admirable gentleness and awareness."
-Georgette, Greece

"The yoga retreat was absolutely worth it. The experience is amazing and unique. The location and view of the villa is just breathtaking. We met great people and the time just flew by."
-Artemis & Andreas, Cyprus

"Marmero Yoga retreat was a life changing experience from a variety of aspects and way way beyond my expectations! I travelled solo in an unknown place and felt like I got into a family. I left home full of worries and stress and returned back feeling refreshed, revitalized and stress free with a new perspective of life!"
-Klelia, Cyprus

"Everything was exceptional, above and beyond expectation on all levels!"
-Linda, Canada

"Our hosts took us on a truly unique and authentic experience that unleashed creativity and fostered connection while capturing the essence of Tinos."
-Tania, Greece

"The menu at lunch and breakfast was seasonal and the whole culinary experience was curated to the last detail to satisfy every palate (and your eyes!). We absolutely recommend this experience to anyone who wants to engage in a group activity and change perspective, relax, or just take a break.
-Konstantinos & Nicholas, Greece & US

"I have been visiting the island for all 30 years of my life and in the three days of the retreat I felt I had one of the most wholesome vacation I have ever had in Tinos. Hiked through new paths, tasted new flavours and learned new things about my favourite island. Truly a unique experience"
-Lefteris, Greece