The marmĒro experience

Get a taste of what Marmēro is about through stories from past retreats and experiences.

"I was lovingly invited to explore the tranquility and the beauty of my surroundings; my heart felt right at home and as the days progressed I experienced a softening that I can only describe as grounding and healing. Niki and Ioanna took great care of every little detail with an admirable gentleness and awareness."
-Georgette, Greece

"Marmero Yoga retreat was a life changing experience from a variety of aspects and way way beyond my expectations! I travelled solo in an unknown place and felt like I got into a family. I left home full of worries and stress and returned back feeling refreshed, revitalized and stress free with a new perspective of life!"
-Klelia, Cyprus

"Everything was exceptional, above and beyond expectation on all levels ... the accommodations were high-end; the food exquisite; the yoga practices were very grounding, inspired through a mythical journey of the 4 Goddesses; and lastly the company was fun and engaging!"
-Linda, Canada

"The yoga retreat was absolutely worth it. The experience is amazing and unique. The location and view of the villa is just breathtaking. We met great people and the time just flew by."
-Artemis & Andreas, Cyprus

"The menu at lunch and breakfast was seasonal and the whole culinary experience was curated to the last detail to satisfy every palate (and your eyes!). We absolutely recommend this experience to anyone who wants to engage in a group activity and change perspective, relax, or just take a break."
-Konstantinos & Nicholas, Greece & US

"I have been visiting the island for all 30 years of my life and in the three days of the retreat I felt I had one of the most wholesome vacation I have ever had in Tinos. Hiked through new paths, tasted new flavours and learned new things about my favourite island. Truly a unique experience"
-Lefteris, Greece

"Our hosts took us on a truly unique and authentic experience that unleashed creativity and fostered connection while capturing the essence of Tinos."
-Tania, Greece

"This was one of the most wholesome experiences of my life, the house was breathtaking with so much attention to every single detail, the hosts were incredibly attentive and kind, all the activities were unique and very different to anything we would normally do on an island like this and it really felt like we got to know the place and learn its secrets and hidden gems but also met very interesting and fun people. Thank you for this Marmēro, we will be coming back for more!"
-Natalia, Greece

"Our stay at Marmero retreat, our hosts, Ioanna and Niki, and the experience were great. Our everyday schedule was meticulously designed: it was both energizing and relaxing, it offered an insider's view of the island and it addressed all our senses. I loved the range of the activities, from wine and raki tasting to basket weaving and hiking. Keep walking girls! Looking forward to coming back and exploring more of the beauties of the island with you."
-Zoe, Greece

"An authentic experience with all the comforts and the Aegean magic."
-Orfeas, Greece


Tinos island
Tinos island